ACTC advances collaboration, implements sustainable models and methods, and enhances the academic excellence of our member institutions in celebration of the urban liberal arts experience.


ACTC’s roots lie in cross-registration and the sharing of academic programs. Our member schools began collaborating informally in the 1960s through student-led cross-registration. The presidents formalized their commitment to sharing and enriching academic offerings with our official incorporation on July 28, 1975.

ACTC continues to promote cross registration and the sharing of academic programs and events that celebrate the urban liberal arts experience. Because students enrolled at one institution are able to experience the strengths and benefits of each school, this partnership combines the best of our campuses’ small, liberal arts atmospheres with the diverse opportunities of a large university.

In addition to these academic roots, ACTC promotes and strengthens collaboration that enhances our schools’ institutional sustainability and helps them do more, together. Our joint purchasing program has grown to include fourteen associate members, who can now participate in a broader array of administrative collaborations.