2012-2013 PROJECTS

Stormwater Awareness Redesign Project

Art 225 & 330 at Augsburg College – Graphic Design I and II
English 3370 at Hamline University – Document Design & Editing

A design project aimed at creating distinctive yet functional visual communications that will deliver important information about St. Paul stormwater drains across cultures and languages. Design students will focus on the Department of Public Works’ printed awareness literature and stencils applied directly to stormwater drains, as well as innovative communication strategies.

  • Anne Weber – Civil Engineer/Sewer Utility, City of St.Paul
  • Christopher Houltberg – Assistant Professor of Art, Augsburg College
  • Alice Moorhead – Associate Professor of English, Hamline University

Community Garden Compost Survey

Biology 490 at the University St. Thomas – Urban Ecosystem Ecology

A research and survey project that will help the Saint Paul’s Recycling & Composting program assess whether community gardens could manage and sustain increased volumes of compost and potentially become neighborhood compost drop-off sites. Students will pay special attention to the needs of community gardeners, the nutrient capacity of the gardens’ physical space, and the level of organic waste produced by households.

  • Kelsea Dombrovski – Local Food System Specialist, City of St. Paul
  • Gaston “Chip” Small – Assistant Professor of Biology, University of St. Thomas

Residential Impervious Cover Assessment

Environmental Studies 401 at the University of St. Thomas – Environmental Studies Capstone

A research, analysis, and recommendation project that will help the St. Paul Department of Safety and Inspections define “impervious surface” and determine whether amendments to the City’s maintenance code for residential lots are required to eliminate conflicts and redundancies. Students will focus on the possible need to set minimum green space requirements for residential lots citywide to combat water resource degradation.

  • Wes Saunders-Pearce – Water Resources Coordinator, City of St. Paul
  • Maria Dahmus – Director of Academic Sustainability Initiatives, University of St. Thomas

Youth Job Corps Communications

Communication Studies 3090 at St. Catherine University – Communication in Organizations

A marketing and strategic communications project that will enhance the St. Paul Youth Job Corps’ ability to reach, engage, and retain both youth ages 14-21 looking to develop professionally and potential employers and community partners.

  • Trenton Henspeter – Youth Job Corps Director, City of St. Paul
  • Joshua Haringa – Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, St. Catherine University

Natural Plantings in Residential Yards

Environmental Science 430 at the University of St. Thomas – Senior Research Seminar

A research and public outreach project that will assist the St. Paul Department of Safety and Inspections in defining “residential lawn maintenance” and create materials for citizens on proper yard maintenance. Students will also aid in determining whether amendments to City code are required to properly enforce new definitions and requirements.

  • Adam Robbins – Environmental Coordinator, City of St. Paul
  • Steve Magner – Property Code Enforcement, City of St. Paul
  • Adam Kay – Associate Professor of Biology, University of St. Thomas

Volunteer Park Patrol

Psychology 342 at St. Thomas – Psychology and Work

A research, analysis, and implementation project aimed at assisting the City of St. Paul in assessing whether a volunteer-led park patrol would have a significant impact on park security, comfort, and public perception.

  • Andy Rodriguez, Volunteer Coordinator, Parks & Recreation, City of St. Paul
  • Elise L. Amel, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of St. Thomas

Drainage Concerns & Recommendations

Political Science 241 at Augsburg College – River & Environmental Politics

A research and development project that will help the St. Paul Water Resources Department understand the scope of neighborhood drainage complaints, concerns, and corrections, and develop a standardized response to these issues.

  • Wes Saunders-Pearce, Water Resources Coordinator, Water Resources, City of St. Paul
  • Joseph Underhill, Associate Professor of Political Science, International Relations, & Environmental Studies, Augsburg College

Resource Protection in Parklands

Pschology 262 at Macalester College – Asian American Psychology

A research and interpretation project that will aid the St. Paul Parks & Recreation Department in developing a comprehensive strategy that effectively communicates, across cultures and languages, park rules and regulations regarding illegal plant harvesting.

  • Andy Rodriguez, Volunteer Coordinator, Parks & Recreation, City of St. Paul
  • Sun No, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Macalester College