As part of ACTC’s transition to a model of distributed collaboration, the Museum Fellows Program is managed by Augsburg University. For more information please contact Michael Lansing:

A partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society, the Museum Fellows program provides unique pre-professional and service learning opportunities to ACTC students interested in a career in museums or public history.

About the Program

ACTC Museum Fellows study challenges related to the underrepresentation of communities of color and American Indian Nations in historical organizations and public history graduate programs.

Since cultural organizations tend to be representative of the social structures and political traditions of the groups who created them, it can take a determined effort to make their staff, programs and collections more reflective of minority populations. Communities need to “see themselves” in the work of cultural organizations in order to identify with their missions.

For museums, diversity and community engagement are not issues of political correctness. The demographic shifts in American society require the leaders of state historical organizations and museums to diversify the perspective of their organizations in order to truly fulfill their missions.

The Museum Fellows Program is funded in part by Minnesota Legacy Funds.

Program Sequence

The ACTC Museum Fellows program is hosted by Augsburg’s Department of History and is open to students from all ACTC schools. Museum Fellows participate in a three-part program:

  1. A fall course that explores the museum field and the challenges museums face regarding race and diversity. The fall 2013 course, HIS 440: Diversity and Community Engagement in Public History and Museums, met at the Minnesota Historical Society on Tuesdays from 3-6 PM.
  2. Paid spring semester internships mentoring National History Day participants in the Minneapolis and St. Paul public school districts.
  3. A January museum study trip to Chicago to meet with various museum professionals at the nation’s leading museums.

Apply for the Museum Fellows Program

Participation in the Museum Fellows Program is limited, and students are selected through a competitive application process. You must have approval from program staff at the Minnesota Historical Society to register for the course. To apply, please contact Chris Taylor at the Minnesota Historical Society via email or at 612-749-1642.