The Annual Women’s Studies Student Conference is a cherished and well-established program. Take a look at these excerpts from previous years’ conference programs – or download the complete program at the bottom of this page.

The 2013 Conference

The 2013 Women’s Studies Student Conference was held on Friday, March 8th at St. Thomas. ACTC students and community members were invited to attend the conference, including both breakout sessions and dinner featuring keynote speaker Sarah Combellick-Bidney.

The 2012 Conference

Augsburg hosted the 2012 Women’s Studies Student Conference on Friday, March 30th.

The 2011 Conference

The 2011 Women’s Studies Student Conference was held at Hamline on March 11th. The keynote address, Strategic Negotiation Tips, was presented by Dr. Jenny Keil, author of Earn More, Move Up: A New Look at the Gender Pay Differential. Panels for 2011 include:

  • Complementarity, Sustainability, and Birth
  • Finding Feminism
  • Lights, Camera, Politics
  • Choices and Meanings That Define Us

The 2010 Conference

St. Kate’s hosted the Women’s Studies Student Conference in 2010. The conference included visual art exhibits and artist statements, a spoken word performance, and a keynote titled College Feminists Connect delivered by Erin Parrish, Associate Director at the Minnesota Women’s Consortium. Breakout sessions included:

  • Deference and Resistance in Art and Scripture
  • Issues of Violence and Prevention
  • Women’s Bodies: Beauty, Business, and Subject/Object Debates
  • Sexuality, Identity, and Relationships: GLBTQ and Hegemonies

The 2009 Conference

On April 17th, St. Thomas hosted the 2009 Women’s Studies Student Conference. Dr. Mai Moua of Leadership Paradigms Inc. gave the keynote presentation. Panels included:

  • Feminisms: Definitions, Discourse, and Pedagogies
  • The Art of Women’s Studies: Photography, Essays, Poetry
  • Being a Ntxhai Hmoob (Being a Hmong Daughter)
  • Studying Violence

The 2008 Conference

Augsburg hosted the 2008 Women’s Studies Student Conference on Friday, March 7th. The conference included concurrent presentations, a visual arts session, and a keynote panel of alumnae and career development staff speaking to the question “What Can I Do with a Women’s Studies Major?” Panel topics included:

  • Critiquing Art, Literature & Popular Culture
  • Second-Wave Explorations
  • Challenging Institutions