All students are responsible for reading and complying with ACTC’s Cross-Registration Policy, as well as any policies specific to their home campus.

Definition of terms used throughout this policy:

  • Home institution—the college or university where the student is enrolled and registers for the majority of their classes.
  • Host institution—the college or university that allows the student to enroll in a course by means of cross-registration.

A. Student Eligibility

Cross-registration is available to all full-time day baccalaureate students enrolled at any of the ACTC institutions. St. Thomas students must also be degree-seeking to be eligible for cross-registration.

A host institution may deny cross-registration to a student from another campus because of unmet financial obligations or misconduct.

B. Number of Courses

Students may take one course per term on another campus, provided that the course is not offered on the home campus.

  • Cross-registration majors or minors: Students majoring in a joint program at the University of St. Thomas and St. Catherine University (social work), in an approved ACTC joint major or minor (Women’s Studies), or in any approved major or minor on another ACTC campus may register for more than one course in the major per semester with the approval and signature of their advisor.
    • Students must meet all requirements to receive a major or minor through cross-registration; review the requirements online here.
    • Augsburg, Hamline, and St. Thomas students: No permission is required if the major has been declared. If the major has not been declared, permission must be obtained. Students should contact the registrar at their home institution for more information.

C. Eligible Courses & Programs

Not all courses are eligible for credit at every ACTC institution. Students should consult with the registrar on their home campus to be sure they will receive credit for an exchange course on their transcript.

Business courses at St. Thomas require permission from the Opus College of Business if the course has prerequisites. Students should contact for permission.

Independent study is not available through cross-registration. Independent study courses/projects must be developed and taken on the home campus, and overseen by home campus faculty. Requests for exceptions under unusual circumstances may be addressed to the academic dean on the student’s home campus.

Graduation requirements:

  • Augsburg students: ACTC courses may apply to liberal arts foundation and major/minor requirements. Contact the Registrar’s Office at for further information and pre-approval.
  • Hamline students: Courses taken through the ACTC exchange count for credit towards graduation and, with appropriate departmental approval, may be used to meet major or minor requirements. Some ACTC courses may also be used to fulfill areas of the Hamline Plan. However, writing intensive, LEAP, and independent critical inquiry/information literacy requirements must be completed at Hamline.
  • Macalester students: Students are expected to complete general education and distribution requirements at Macalester.  Requests for exceptions may be considered and should be initiated at the Registrar’s Office. 
  • St. Catherine students: St. Kate’s students seeking more than one major must complete one of their majors at St. Catherine University.

D. Registration Process

Students should submit to their home registrar’s office a completed and signed ACTC Cross-Registration form before the registration period ends at their home institution. Review the Cross-Registration Procedure for more information.

Once the pre-registration period has closed, cross-registrations will be processed beginning on the first day of class at the host institution. The instructor’s signature will be required. An email from the instructor’s .edu email address may be submitted in place of a physical signature.

E. Drop/Add Policies

Dropping or adding an exchange course will be governed by the drop/add policies of the student’s home institution. Adding a class after the host institution’s deadline has passed will require the permission of the instructor.

F. Instructional Policies

Students who cross-register for a course on another campus must follow the practices of the host institution on such matters as class attendance, grading, and examinations. In order to receive a grade, students must complete all work, including any assignments missed because of calendar differences between institutions. When calendar differences occur, students are responsible for attending their exchange course even if their own institution is not in session. To petition for an exception to these policies, students must file the appropriate form on the host campus.

Auditing an exchange course will be governed by the audit policies of the student’s home institution. All other cross-registration policies will also pertain to courses being audited.

G. Transcripts

The permanent record of courses for which a student has cross-registered is kept in the registrar’s office at the student’s home institution.

H. Financial Aid

Any course for which a student cross-registers is included in their academic course load for financial aid purposes. For the definition of “full-time status” and for further information regarding specific institutional policies, students should contact the financial aid office at their home institution.

I. Summer, Winter/Interim Sessions & Study Abroad

Cross-registration is not available during summer session.

Winter/interim session cross-registration is available only between Hamline and St. Thomas. (St. Thomas students may cross-register at Hamline, and Hamline students may cross-register at St. Thomas.)

Study abroad programs are not eligible for cross-registration under this policy.

J. Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities should inform the disability office at their home institution if they are planning to enroll in a course on another campus. Arrangements for accommodation will be made through the disability offices of the home and host campuses.

K. Grievances

All grievances should be resolved on the campus where the problem arose. If the problem occurred on the host campus, the student should contact the academic dean at the host campus. If the problem arose on on the home campus, the student should contact their own academic dean.

L. Discrimination

Students who are cross-registered at another institution and have concerns about discrimination at the host campus should follow the procedures of the host campus. For help in resolving such issues, students may contact the following designated person on their home campus:

  • Augsburg: Ann Garvey, Vice President of Student Affairs, 612.330.1160. Discrimination and/or bias reporting form.
  • Hamline: Patti Klein, Dean of Students, 651.523.2421
  • Macalester: DeMethra Bradley, Dean of Students, 651.696.6990
  • St. Catherine: Curt Galloway, Dean of Students, 651.690.6778
  • St. Thomas: Karen Lange, Vice President of Student Affairs 651.962.6120

M. Harassment

Students who are cross-registered at another institution and have concerns about harassment at the host institution should follow procedures of the host campus. For help in resolving such issues, students may contact the designated person on their home campus listed above.