A. Students are responsible for selecting their own courses, and for ensuring these courses meet the eligibility requirements established in the Cross-Registration Policy.

B. Once an exchange course has been selected on another campus, the student should:

  1. Determine whether all prerequisites have been completed and whether the course has any restrictions.
  2. Obtain an ACTC Cross-Registration Form from the registrar’s office on his or her home campus.
  3. Verify with the registrar at his or her home institution that the exchange course will be accepted for credit.
  4. Fill out the ACTC Cross-Registration Form completely.
  5. Obtain all necessary signatures on the form.
  6. Submit the completed form to the registrar on his or her home campus before the end of the pre-registration period at the home institution.
    • Once the pre-registration period has closed, cross-registrations will be processed beginning on the first day of class. An instructor’s signature may be required. An email from the instructor’s .edu email address may be submitted in place of a physical signature.