Eligibility Requirements for Cross-Registration Majors

Students wishing to major via cross-registration must meet the eligibility requirements established by the ACTC and each consortium institution.

Joint ACTC Majors

ACTC offers some joint academic programs that are available only through cross-registration (IE, students must take classes on more than one campus). A major or minor in Women’s Studies are currently available. Students who wish to enroll in one of these programs should ask their academic dean’s office for the name of the appropriate faculty advisor on their home campus.

Available Majors, Minors, and Programs

Available Academic Programs: Check out which majors, minors, and programs are available for cross-registration at each institution.

Some academic programs, like nursing and engineering, are closed to cross-registration and are not included in the list of available majors, minors, and programs. Other programs allow students to take classes in the department but not to apply for the major; these programs are indicated in the table.

For more information about each program, review the official lists published by each institution:
Augsburg | Hamline | Macalester | St. Catherine | St. Thomas